What to Look for in Motel Restaurants

Few things are as comforting as arriving at your half-way mark while taking an extended road-trip. The comfort of knowing you've arrived safely after a long day's drive is priceless.

There are a few things to look for in motel restaurants that'll make your short visit more relaxing, and we now take a look at the grub you’ll want.

What's for Lunch?

There are a few dishes to look for in motel restaurants. It’s part of the travelling culture, and without it, the stopover wouldn't be the same.


It's comfort food at its finest and considered to be a Canadian national dish. Some cities like Montreal, Toronto, Quebec and Ottawa even have annual Poutine celebrations. If you're visiting Canada or Northern America for the first time, look for Poutine in the motel restaurant.

Poutine’s a large serving of french fries covered with cheese curd and brown gravy, and it’s an all-time favourite comfort food. It's become quite hip, and you might even find new variations with different toppings to enjoy at no more than a Big Mac would cost you.

Montreal Style Bagels

The Montreal Bagel, like its New York counterpart, made its arrival when Polish Jewish immigrants landed on American shores. It's another unique delicacy you'll see quickly, and it's delicious to enjoy in motel restaurants. Enjoy this traditional and rich pastry with various toppings, and don't forget to cover it generously with cream cheese and maple syrup.


Pierogi is the perfect comfort food after a long day on the road. This dish consists of dumplings filled with various savoury or sweet fillings. The dough is unleavened and wrapped around the filling. After being boiled to cook the dough, it gets a quick pan-fry, which gives you a perfect bite-size meal that's not only delicious but fills the gap nicely for a few hours.

Other Typical Foods to Look for in Motel Restaurants

There are quite a few dishes and delicacies that you're sure to find in motel restaurants and are considered quintessential treats. You can try any one of these for a quick meal:

  • Butter tarts
  • Nanaimo bars
  • Nova Scotian donair
  • Ketchup chips
  • Salmon jerky
  • Smoked salmon

What Else Is Important to Look for in a Motel Restaurant?

When you're travelling, it's essential to stay up to date with family and friends. You might be travelling for work and need to update colleagues about your progress. Motel restaurants that offer free wi-fi connections and charging stations will make your stopover productive and enjoyable as you unwind and bring everybody up to speed.

The kids may need to get rid of some wound-up energy, and if you find a motel restaurant with some arcade games or play-rooms, it's a bonus. It would be even better if you selected a motel restaurant with a jukebox, some live entertainment or slot machines to help you relax and enjoy a few hours off.


It's about the journey, not only the destination. If you plan your trip well in advance, you can locate and pinpoint your stops to include motel restaurants that'll satisfy your cravings and help you enjoy your travels.

19 Oct 2020